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In this chapter, I examine similarities and distinctions among The Town of Joy by Dominique Lapierre (1985) and Song of Kali by Dan Simmons (1985) with regard to the themes of the Western journalistic observer of the Oriental Other, and the fascination-repulsion that conjures up the Occidental spatial imaginary of Calcutta. By comparing and contrasting these two preferred novels, both equally describing white men’s journey into the place of the Other, the chapter seeks to realize a two-fold objective: (a) to give perception into the authors with regard to alterity (otherness), and (b) to analyze the discursive procedures of these novels in terms of contrasting spatial metaphors of Calcutta as «The Town of Dreadful Night time» or «The Town of…Barbiani, E.

(2005). Kalighat, the house of goddess Kali: The area in which Calcutta is imagined twice: A visible investigation into the dim metropolis. reddit best of Sociological Investigate On-line, 10 (one).

Retrieved from http://www. socresonline. org. british isles/ten/1/barbiani. html. Barbiani, E. (2002). Kali e Calcutta: immagini della dea, immagini della metropoli. Urbino: College of Urbino. Cameron, J.

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(1987). An Indian summertime. New York, NY: Penguin Journey Library. Douglas, M.

(1966). Purity and risk: An assessment of ideas of pollution and taboo. New York, NY: Routledge and K. Paul. Robert Hayden One of the Most Important. Robert Hayden, a single of the most important black poets of the 20th Century, was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1913 and grew up in excessive poverty in a racially blended community.

His dad and mom divorced when he was a little one and he was lifted by their neighbors, illiam and Sue Ellen Hayden, and not until finally he was in his forties did he study that Asa Sheffey and Gladys Finn had been his biological mom and dad.

Throughout the Great Melancholy he was used for two many years by the Federal riter’s Job, and printed his first volume of poetry Heart-Shape in the Dust in 1940. He taught English at Fisk College in Nashville, Tennessee for 20-three several years, and then at the University of Michigan from 1969 until finally his death in 1980. Between his other works had been The Lion and the Archer (1948), Figure of Time (1955), A Ballad of Remembrance (1962), orks in Mourning Time…Bloom, Harold. Robert Hayden. Chelsea Dwelling Publishers, 2005. Fetrow, Fred M.

«Middle Passage: Robert Hayden’s Anti-Epoch» in Bloom: 35-forty eight. Gates, Henry Louis and Evelyn Brooks Higgenbotham. Harlem Renaissance Lives: From the African-American Nationwide Biography. Oxford College Press, 2009. Kutzinski, Vera M. «Modifying Permanences: Historical and Literary Revisionism in Robert Hayden’s Middle Passage» in Bloom: 306-21. Beowulf as a Hero Lesson. Your remedy really should be at least 5 sentences prolonged. The Legend of Arthur. Lesson one Journal Entry # 9 of 16. Journal Work out 1. 7A: Honor and Loyalty. 1.

Take into consideration how Arthur’s steps and persona agree with or problem your definition of honor. Compose a few sentences evaluating your definition (from Journal one. 6A) with Arthur’s steps and persona. 2. Write a transient paragraph outlining the significance or unimportance of loyalty in becoming honorable. Lesson one Journal Entry # ten of 16. Journal Workout one. 7B: Combining Sentences. Complete the Exercise Activity on web page 202 of your text. Following finishing this action, read through in excess of your Essay Assessment or yet another journal action you’ve got accomplished. rn* Detect a few passages that could be enhanced by combining two or additional sentences with coordinating or subordinating conjunctions. Below the exercise action in your journal, compose the unique passages and the revised sentences you have made. Dark Age and the Archaic Age. Dark Age and the Archaic Age. Having watched the lectures for the prior understanding device on video, I was prepared to enjoy the video clip lecture presentation for this studying unit.

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